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psychicpsycho's Journal

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Created on 2015-09-21 17:31:40 (#360), never updated

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Birthdate:Mar 20
Location:Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Ah, well, my name is Eryn. I alternate between being a girl and non-binary, I'm also very into girls. Uh, I'm usually a pretty quiet person, unless you're one of my close friends, then I'll either continuously talk about what ever anime I'm currently watching, or just talk about that cute girl that takes the bus home with me. I really do enjoy writing, but I'm awful at keeping one story going, I'll write the first few chapters, then get bored with it, so that's why I usually stick to short stories or writing with other people, so they can keep me writing. I really despise gym class, so I took it upon myself to get outta that, and take it during the summer. Oh, I also love to sing, singing's pretty great. Shit, this is getting pretty long. Good for you if you've gotten this far. I have nothing really else to say without spilling my entire life story, so I guess this is it.
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